Wool, The Attractive Material For Both Men & Women

At Yolo Wool, we believe in wool.

We do not only believe it is the most environmentally friendly clothing material on earth, but sustainable while being one of the best natural insulators known to man… making it great for winter clothing.

Yolo Wool are taking it a stage further and want to revamp the dull and boring image that is associated with wool. Our ultimate goal is not only to bring great clothing that lasts at good value, but to also bring with it an image of attractiveness.
We know that wool and looking attractive is a little bit like mixing oil with water. However, it is this very challenge that drives us and nothing would please us more to be one of the first organizations that influences how people think about wool.

Wool for all walks of life

As a result we have started our campaign “Getting Noticed Wearing Wool” and have included some of that information on this page to show both men and women how to look gorgeous, attractive and enticing for the rest of the world to see in envy.

Wool, Some Of The Most Stunning Clothing Ever!

Here is our list of attractive, but yet elegant woollen clothing for 2017. Let’s find out more about what makes them work!

Clothing That Makes Them Want To Pet You.

Sometimes, it is simple but small tweaks you make to your clothing that can completely transform you into an enticing personal.

This one works more for women than it does men. Step away from the usual boring dud cotton clothing and put on something a little more bulky and cosy that will melt that special man you have in your life, while putting a smile on both your faces… clothing can be more about fun, than its primary function.

Being cute while making your significant other want to pet you

The Forgotten Effects Of A Hat

The art of wearing a hat is a lost one. Many years back it was a common sight, but no longer. This tips applies to both men and women and it is all about people being interested in what they might see rather than what they have seen… anticipation is a powerful driving force.

No doubt a wooly hat is very much a winter hat, but winter and cosy can be eye catching. The trick here is not to wear it at the height of the winter when everyone else is doing the same thing. It is best to do it when the weather starts to get chilly and get in there before everyone else starts wearing the same type of hat… that way you stand out more, and more people look at you.

However, the impact is even greater in doors where 95% of people take their hats off. And that is when anticipation kicks in and you get noticed.

You ladies may even milk the situation a little bit by stroking yourself ever so gently and taking a look around you and allow yourself to make eye contact… trust me, men will be looking at you… body language, posture and poise are important aspect in life on many levels, sometimes you need a hat to just help out a little.

Wool is super attractive – especially during winter periods

Fashion, Attention & Practicality

Being fashionable through clothing is great and grabbing attention is wonderful, however, we must not forget the primary purpose of clothing… and that is to be comfortable and also protect you from the elements.

That is why we at Yolo Wool love what we do. We in fact want to wool clothing the most practical clothing there is by combining all the above elements together.

Let’s take a look at our woollen double breasted pink coat.

Double breasted wool pink coat

This coat is simply cute but yet practical for cold weather. It is this cute factor that attracts mens from all walks of live. Being cute gives the impression to men that you are compatible to them. It is this innocent look that makes a man feel that he can help you, be your saviour in this big bad world… it is ingrained to be the hero and the man that women so much desire.

Our pink woollen coat is heavy enough to keep the cold away, but not too bulky to cover up your lovely body shape, no matter your build or size. It just oozes elegance, sophistication, class while being subtle, even though the colour is somewhat bold.

We have a whole variety of woollen products such as:

  1. Hats
  2. Mittens
  3. Coats
  4. Skirts
  5. Dresses
  6. Gloves
  7. Trousers
  8. Shorts
  9. Shocks

Each of which we incorporate practicality (protection from the elements) and clothing that talk volumes for the world to see.