About Yolo Wool Mill

The Yolo Wool Mill processes scoured wool into finished products including sliver, batting, pindrafted roving, and various yarns. We specialize in processing customers’ wool to their order.

We can card your wool into sliver (a 2 inch thick strand of wool for hand spinning), or batting (a sheet of wool in varying thicknesses to order, used for comforters, quilts, felt making, or stuffing). Additionally, combed roving and pencil roving are available processes for those wishing a smoother, more worsted-style preparation.

We are able to process llama, alpaca, mohair, and pygora fibers into any of our products with the addition of 30% wool. We also sell Finished products made from our wool, llama, and alpaca. These products may be ordered through our website, by phone, or regular mail.

Our Story

Being mechanically minded, I have always been one to think of working in the most efficient ways and that often means combining things together to get the best possible results.

Wool come to me by accident, and like many concepts the idea comes out of the blue and making it works is hard draft. I have an affinity for nature and natural products such as wool is extracted properly (by not harming sheep). There is something romantic in bringing back a material that once everyone used before the mass production of synthetic clothing everyone now wears.

Its ability to breathe, being able to wear it for long periods of time without having to wash on a daily basis etc. But of course wool also comes with challenges and it is those challenges we had to over come to bring wool to the forefront of society.

Wool is bulky and itchy which brought challenges to resurrect it from the dead and that is where fashion came in to save the day. We decided to work on unique methods to reduce the bulk, make the clothing to hold its shape, keep its thermal properties, introduce bright colors, while being able to look elegant, attractive, sophisticated and confident… all by using a single natural material.

We want to make wool mainstream.

Yolo Wool Mill Production Circa 1955