OK, sometimes we need to lighten up a little and not take things too seriously. The same applies to the running of any business.

So I thought it was time to add a little bit of spice and make things a little funny.

I got this idea after talking to a friend of mine who was going on about Tinder. At first I had no idea what he was on about until he explained the online dating scenario to me and how he uses funny pickup lines to reel in the girls… well that is how he puts it.

I thought as I am in the wool business I would give him a few more jokes for his arsenal, knowing full well they are too cheesy.

This is how I would envisage the conversation going.

(Friend): Are you a sheep?
(Girl): Huh? Why?
(Friend): Because your body is unbaaaaalievable 


(Friend): Are you a sheep?
(Girl): No? Why?
(Friend): Because I would clone you!

Yes, I know, pretty cheesy, which is why I actually ended up giving him a resource on funny Tinder pickup lines that I search online for him.

How to approach women online

What makes this whole story really funny is that he is actually going to try out my jokes on the first new profiles he comes across on Tinder to see how he does… he says he likes a challenge.

I will keep you posted on the success rate, but I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed as it was this guide on Tinder tips and tricks that demonstrates the importance of first impressions and the psychology behind it.

Corny lines was not going to cut it. He would still need to face reality of meeting this person in real life. Making a good first impression is important, knowing what interesting conversation to have is important and that include knowing how to flirt with a girl and keep her interested. I am no expert, but from my little experience, I know that the moment you are both comfortable, the flow of conversation is flawless and automatically become interesting.

But I was not going to tell my friend this as I wanted him to sweat while pulling those cheesy lines in hope he will be successful.

Update: Wool For A Date?

It took a while for my friend to get the courage to try my cheesy pickup line jokes on Tinder.

It turns out, that even though you might be hiding behind your mobile phone, you might still need to find ways to stop approach anxiety, at least according to what he said.

Personally, I believe he had some issues with trying out this new form of digital dating, as he is more of the conservative type, but he would never admit it.

It is not quite the same thing as being a shy guy wondering what to say to a girl you like face to face than texting someone who is not physically present? At least not from my point of view.

One year on and I finally convinced him to do it. If anything, to see it as a bit of harmless fun where no one is going to get hurt.

He agreed.

As can be imagined this gave us the time to come up with even more wooly pickup lines to try out. Here are 3 more that we added to our arsenal with their corresponding replies:

  • (Friend): Your yarn is so soft. Touch me.
    (Girl): – literally no reply from her – blanked.
  • (Friend): I have been looking at you all night.
    (Girl): Really?
    (Friend): Yea, don’t you think it is high time we purl the two of us together?
    (Girl): Ha, that was cheesy as well as clever.
    (Friend): Thanks!
  • (Friend): You seem to be a bright girl?
    (Girl): Well, I like to think so?
    (Friend): What I’d give for some of your purls of wisdom.
    (Girl): Huh?

As can be seen, there was a mixed reaction with the girls, but over all, we concluded that sheep or wool jokes were a complete flop.

In short, starting a conversation with girls was made easier with the pickup lines, but they failed as steps for attracting women and convincing them to go on a first date.

So my friend had to step up the game and take it to the next level in order to secure himself a date on Tinder.


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