OK, sometimes we need to lighten up a little and not take things too seriously. The same applies to the running of any business.

So I thought it was time to add a little bit of spice and make things a little funny.

I got this idea after talking to a friend of mine who was going on about Tinder. At first I had no idea what he was on about until he explained the online dating scenario to me and how he uses funny pickup lines to reel in the girls… well that is how he puts it.

I thought as I am in the wool business I would give him a few more jokes for his arsenal, knowing full well they are too cheesy.

This is how I would envisage the conversation going.

(Friend) Are you a sheep?
(Girl) Huh? Why?
(Friend) Because your body is unbaaaaalievable 


(Friend) Are you a sheep?
(Girl) No? Why?
(Friend) Because I would clone you!

Yes, I know, pretty cheesy, which is why I actually ended up giving him a funny resource on tinder pickup lines that I search online for him.

How to approach women online

What makes this whole story really funny is that he is actually going to try out my jokes on the first new profiles he comes across on Tinder to see how he does and ignore the resource I found for him… he says he likes a challenge.

I will keep you posted on the success rate, but I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed.

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