Many men think that the art of attraction is about how you approach women face to face, which is actually true.

However, that is a bit like writing up an assay and completing it without doing any research… you are jumping into it too quickly and missing out the first but vital step.

Approaching a girl out of nowhere and trying to get her attention through the art of chat is a step that you will eventually have to take. There will come a point when you will have to use your charisma and personality to finally ask a girl out on a first date which is obviously the ultimate goal here.

However, you are going to need a little help before getting to that stage. You see, it is very much a process of following small steps and you are going to have to start from the beginning… which is getting her attention. This can be done from afar by simply dressing up nicely and making sure you end up in her line of sight. The art of dressing is simply a means of portraying who or what you are and the type of clothes you wear will portray a different story and ultimately catch her attention.

Wearing wool shows sophistication, culture and being well travelled.

To get girls to like you, give them a reason to notice you, be sure you wear eye catching clothing that paints a picture about you. For example, if you want to come across as sophisticated, cultured and well travelled, but not pompous and posh, then a wooly jumper will do the trick.

Make sure she notices you, be sure to stand in her line of sight, but do not make it too obvious that you are doing it. You want her to notice you in a natural manner only to then move out of sight, before popping up again.

Make sure girls notice you for the right reasons.

Remember, you want her to notice you and make her think that she remembers seeing you only 5 minutes before.  It is only then should you give her a quick glance and a cheeky smile to start getting her thought process going, wondering who this mysterious man truly is?

You will at this point know if she noticed you based on her reaction after smiling at her. Do not be surprised if you find that she suddenly is sitting alone at the bar or table… she may just want you to approach her.

The 6 Steps To Getting Noticed By Women

Here is guide to getting a girl’s attention from afar.

  • Wear Cashmere (It is soft to the touch a portrays your softer side).
  • Color of clothing is important (popping colors are a no, but ones that stand out are a yes)
  • Stand in her line of site long enough to notice you before walking away (piquing her attention is important)
  • Wait 10 mins before getting back in her line of site (pretend you do not notice her)
  • Only then turn around like you just happened to see her unintentionally (if she quickly looks away and then back, then give her a smile)
  • Seize the moment she is alone and say “hi”.


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