We live in a digital world whereby we are slowly loosing direct contact that used to be a part of our every day experience in life.

Want a gadget, you bye it online.

Want a doctor’s appointment… that’s right, you do it online.

Everything that we do in today’s modern world is designed to be convenient & quick, however with every good comes some drawbacks.

Let’s look at online dating for example. At our finger tips, we can get access to thousands (if not millions) of potential partners… and that is great for some, however, remember the drawbacks we just mentioned above?

The problem here is, you might have access to all these people, but so does everyone else and even if they didn’t, too much choice can be a very bad thing. In fact, over choice in this manner encourages the art of becoming a player for men and women.

With that warning, it’s now time for YOU to stick out from the mass crowd and get noticed.

Comparing Tinder With Bumble

We compared Tinder with Bumble as they are two of the biggest online apps used. We wanted to see what people were doing in order to stand out from the rest. What tricks were being used, what was said on their Bio, what they were saying on DMs…. what was it?

After some investigation, we noticed one common factor… before you could even get chatting to someone, you must leave an impression before anything else can ever happen.

An Image (Profile) Speaks A Thousand Words

If an ordinary image speaks a thousand words, what does your dating profile say about you?

You’ve guessed it, the common factor we discovered during our investigation was that the most successful people on Tinder & Bumble are those the stand out miles from the rest on their profile images.

The key is instant attraction through your profile photo

How To Make A Successful Tinder & Bumble Profile

What profiles we found that stood our from the rest:

  • Having at least 3 photos (anything less indicates you are hiding something)
  • Forget Blue Steel looks, just naturally smile.
  • Don’t forget pets. Take a photo of your pet or borrow a friends, people love animals.

However, what stood out the most was that those who were most successful with online dating wore wool on their profile, particularly colorful and vivid cashmere wool.
It turns out that women especially love to see men in cashmere because it adds softness to their style and image… they love guys with a warmer, “sensitive” side that contrasts their manliness.

Wearing wool shows a man’s sensitive side – and women love that

What About Your Online Dating Activity?

So far we have talked about what you need to do to get other attracted to you, but there are also several things you can do to assist with finding the right person.
Look at all their profile pictures. Not everyone is a pro when it comes to Tinder or Bumble, so giving yourself as much information as possible will give that edge in making the right decision on that person.

If on the fence about someone, then be bold and go for it. Unsure doesn’t mean no, it simply means you are indecisive on that moment.

Once you are sure, initiate the conversation, remember we live in an equal society, it is no longer expected for a man to make the first move

When making contact keep it simple… not to simple or too complicated.
“Hi” is not good enough (too childish)
“Hi, how has your day been” is simple but yet interesting enough to get them to reply.

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