dating wool

As much as we love woollen clothing and its practicality, this process would not be possible without scouring the wool from the very start.

Scoring Wool

The process of scoring wool involves the removal of contaminants before the greasy wool can be processed. This is the very first process that is required in order to manufacture high end quality woollen products that will last for years on end.

Once the contaminants are removed, the wool is then fed into a machine where it is continuously moved through a series bowls (normally somewhere between 6-8 bowls) with wash liquor.

It is our first 3 bowls that contain this wash liquor which is made up of warm water, detergent and alkali. It is this cocktail of ingredient that manages to remove the majority of the grease in the wool.

Process of scouring wool

It is the remaining bowls that contain fresh water which simply thoroughly rinses the wool removing the wash liquor and all other contaminants.

Drying & Beating Process (Removing Insoluble Compounds)

The second stage of the process is just as important as the first, where the scoured loose wool is then passed into a continuous drier for drying before then passing through a number of mechanically beating machines to remove all water insoluble compounds such as sand and dust (as the wash liquor is not able to fully remove it)

Moisture Equilibrium

The final stage is the process of getting the wool and passing it into a closed room (aka a bin) where it is blended and allowed to stand. This allows the moisture content to reach equilibrium and is now ready for manufacturing… the very specialty we are experts in.


As can be appreciated, a good quality product is not all about the manufacturing process, but rather the initial preparation of the material which makes quality possible.
Yolo Wool have its very own scouring factory to make sure the initial stages are correctly run to ensure the manufacture of products that last a life time.

We want you too feel and look good, attractive and comfortable for a life time and beyond.